One Stop Solution

Professional Consultation Services for Aesthetical and Cosmeceutical Industries. 

What do you need? Skin care research? Skin care manufacture? Develop skin care? Or you need all of them? Our experienced and skillful dermatologists will always ready to do it all for you. So, be ready to satisfied on our one stop solution!

You will have to do only few easy ways to be working with us. First of all, please tell us kind of products that you want from us and what is your product’s concept. Then, after we studied your concept and target, we will confirm it and we will discuss the marketing outlet of the products and etc. Next step, we are pleased to follow your request, like types of items, item’s quantity, packaging, and the lists of ingredients. Then, we will create design of this project’s manufacture, in order to produce high quality products based to your great concept. According to the manufacture plan, professionally we will do any efforts to find the best ingredients and any components to develop prescription to achieve our purpose. Next step is we will provide you trial models of package and container to let you know how the finished products will be. We do this step in order to ensure that you satisfied with our team’s work. Then, After we decide the product’s prescription, package design and the details of products, we will discuss about a formal estimate. After that, we will come to the last step of our planning colaboration, we will have a contract and deal with the order placement. The manufacture and the shipment will be carried out in our allied factory.

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