Founder Interview

Question and Answer session with Edako Beauty founder Akiko Yokota.

Q: How did u start skin care business?

I am a certified make up artist and I do teach people about make up especially for bridal.

Then all my customers very keen to ask what sort of skin care I use and so on. And I do notice that a lot of people are very keen on the make up products as well but they don’t have good skin therefore, I can’t hold myself to tell them straight that u need to take care ur skin first before putting on make up otherwise your skin condition will be worsen and worsen day by day. As my slogan well understood by most people afterwards which “Beautiful skin = Clean, Bright and shining skin without ANY MAKE UP”.

Q: What is the concept of ur skin care compare to others in the market ?

I strongly  believe  in water based products!! Just like our body we need plenty of water instead of oil.  

I only believe in natural base skin care with No Paraben, No artificial color, No fragrance,Natural Active Ingredients and the products have to be Made in Japan.

Q: Why did u decide to choose made in japan products only?

The word of MADE IN JAPAN is very very powerful and  meaningful eventhough some people complain that MADE IN JAPAN products are more expensive compare to others made.

Japan has the advanced technology for skin care and many other consumer products as well. They did their studies and analyses very well. Therefore, MADE IN JAPAN will the best choice for me.

Q: What is ur future goal?

It will be the happiest moment of my life where I can see people skin condition are glowing and shining without putting on make up.

People can always email to me at if they need some consultations online. I’m more than happy to guide them for FREE CONSULTATION.

If u have healthy and beautiful skin care that can make your life more beautiful!!

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